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Amonyak Tesisleri (Gemlik -Bursa)
Amonyak Tesisleri İnşaatı , 1993 (right: CEO, M.Akif ERBAY)

About Us

FAGA Constructing, Consulting, and Tradin Corporation was founded on November 12, 1987. FAGA Corporation provides a variety of construction related activities including special business and government projects.

The company also creates house slabs and driveways for residential properties. Jobs are solicited through bids from business, personal, and government ventures. We provide services to both commercial and individual customers. Geographically, the compoany offers all of its services through the whole country. The company’s expert staff have the capability to design and construct different types of buildings in a given period of time. Constructing and consulting services for another 400 projects. Whether its construction and civil engineering, underground engineering and projects, the modernisation of build-engineering, raw materials or construction-related services - the FAGA Constructing, Consulting and Trading Corporation are successful in all fields.

In addition, we provide consulting services and supply construction equipment for other major restructured our company’s ownership profile and we have not encountered any changes ever since.


MSc. Arch. Akif ERBAY


Reliable ' and ' quality service ' in line with our goal to constantly renew ourselves , and if we need by serving the people according to age , to offer always the best in all projects. 


Commitment and as a solution provider; institutionalized structure dominated by modern technology, our experienced manpower; in domestic contracting services, according to world standards, to provide quality and reliable service.